The Quest for Barman, part II

It’s confirmed, once again.. Belgium people managed to prove that rockers do dance. It might not have been the best of the dancefloors – quite sticky, actually, after some spilt beer – but like Tom himself continues to remember…

“Every disadvantage has an advantage”

and that always applies to a beautiful nightly sky.


9 thoughts on “The Quest for Barman, part II

  1. “But I like his approach, more of a music lover – and an eclectic one – than of someone only concerned with technics.”You’re veering too dangerously into moving sands, girl! 😉 Careful what you say. Because it seems that you’re implying that “normal” DJs – as in house/techno/drum-n-bass/etc. don’t have a passion for music. I know you don’t mean that. But someone who’s not paying attention might learn it that way. ;)Anyway, here’s my take: of course an eclectic DJ makes my day way more than some lame-ass boring one who’s playing house, techno, electro, drum-n-bass, broken beat or whatever the whole fucking evening. Thing is – as Ivan Smagghe once put it to Jockey Slut magazine – there are so many eclectic/non-mixing DJs out there, and so very few good ones at that. Personally, when you are a DJ that plays a little bit of this and that, technique might help you a bit. Because it makes the task of telling a story – or, Gilles Peterson-style, joining the dots – through different records an easier, more natural-flowing one. That’s what makes 2 Many DJs so special. Or The Glimmers, Optimo Soundsystem, DJ Harvey, Michael Mayer, Ivan Smagghe himself, Gilles Peterson, DJ Hell, Recloose, The Amalgamation Of Soundz or Erol Alkan such special DJs.Hope I didn’t babble too much. 😀

  2. Ok, he wasn’t at his best. I personally prefered the DJ set @ Tavira following the screening of Anyway the Wind Blows. But I like his approach, more of a music lover – and an eclectic one – than of someone only concerned with technics. On what concerns the opening acts, I could only wonder about the nearest pharmacy to look for ear protectors.. The sound was too loud and I couldn’t find true freshness or originality. But it’s also true that after some time of exposure I stopped paying attention…

  3. well, barman is running out of his muse, but i guess all that night was a fiasco…honestly, to listen to noise, i can always go near a construction site and hang there for a while. at least, there’s some rhythm to it…

  4. I didn’t like Tom Barman as a dj.I thought he had nothing new to propose and no talent at doing it!He should stick to his singing and playing….It was a rip off….I much prefered the band which opened the night, Badlover and Hysteria Iberika, they rock!

  5. well, there is just one thing happening here: decadence in one’s career always brings decadent audiences… long life to fireworks on the muddy banks of the river…any river, for the matter.the date with barman was not so hot after all…

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