Happiness Ltd.

It’s Hot Hot Heat‘s third LP and it is expected to be out in the stores (online, offline and under_the_line) very soon. Their mailing list is being used at the moment to inform us about the reasons that delayed the launch of this new album.

“We actually finished the record in June – it was mixed and mastered and ready to go – until we wrote a song called Let Me In… and decided that HAD to be on the record. And that opened up Pandora’s box… we were writing all these new songs and the new direction of the album was unavoidable; we had to follow it out to see where it would go” – says Steve.

Now is the moment to find out if the maturing process is able to provide us with songs as good – and not only rhythmically – as Bandages and Get In Or Get Out.

And I dare to ask: Is music a promise of happiness?


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