So what?


4 thoughts on “Sex

  1. Well, everything you do depends on why you do it? and what for? That also applies to the with whom?And that will determine if you care about it afterwards, or not really. Me, I have read too much Dostoyevsky (he does write large books). A souvenir is a nice thing to keep. A personality, a good thing to be built over time and action (by choice, mainly).What you choose to care about is only the core of that equation.As for what I meant with this post in the first place: why are people so obsessed with something they don’t seem to care about that much – at least, not in any deeper sense, but merely at the tips of their fingers (and tongues, and what..ever). Like you imply, once it’s done, it’s over.Would they dare to put their whole brain into it?In that sense, at least masturbation is more honest.

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