To Adore (or)

I Adore the feel of soft summer rain on my nose.

I Adore after-the-storm rainbows.

I Adore the flowers, the birds and the bees and ambiguity.

I Adore Lego and puzzles and plasticine, and all related metaphors.

I Adore chocolate, ice cream and milk shakes that fatten your dreams.

I Adore ipod, macbook pro and everything Apple.

I Adore photos that sharpen, brighten and saturate reality.

I Adore euphemism, irony and sarcasm, don’t I?

I Adore sweet kisses mixed with sour tears.

I Adore (some) people.

I Adore the ‘I did it feeling’ that never lasts more than 3 minutes.

I Adore expanding universes inside the human brain.

I Adore life in two acts: ideating & creating.

These are the things I Adore, but also the things I Lovve.


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