Counterculture 2.0 needed

Copy & paste,
Erase and rewind,
Are you still you?

Me, I’m (also) editable. Life would be useless if everything remained the same. But my core beliefs, fears, responsibilities and leitmotifs tend to crystallise.

I hear people say we should adapt. Well, we do – that’s why we’re still here (in 2010). I hear them talk about how everything is relative. Well, not really. What are basic human needs is basically universal. And please stop telling me how someone (who is being oppressed by their peers and cultural/religious/political context, duh!) denies they need the same basic rights I have access to in the “Western world”.

It is a fast-growing-and-changing age. But I’ve yet to be convinced that this is a fast-evolving age as well. Because people want so eagerly the change they think they need, they tend to forget about developing their own conscience. Which takes time. And reclusiveness. And introspection.

Instead, they change their minds as fast as they change profiles on FaceBook, as long as it fits the current trendy topic on Twitter. They are eager to please – online and offline – and their speech reflects just that. Even when they’re bitching around.

Yes, I’m editable. But patchwork is for quilts.

2 thoughts on “Counterculture 2.0 needed

  1. Como diria o grande Bowie: "Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!". E ainda não terminei ;)PS: no caso concreto das "virtualidades", cheguei à conclusão – muito tardia – de que não faziam sentido. Apenas uma questão de semântica. O espectro temático do blogue mantém-se inalteradamente abrangente e… espontâneo (palavra suave para "escrevo o que me apetecer").

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