I stereotype, so what? (Version 2.0)

“A stereotype, after all, is a way of categorizing information, in the hope of predicting experiences. The brain cannot start from scratch at every new situation. It must build on what it has seen before. For that reason, stereotypes are not intrinsically malevolent. They provide shortcuts in our never-ending attempt to make sense of complicated surroundings.”

Dan Ariely in Predictably Irrational


7 thoughts on “I stereotype, so what? (Version 2.0)

  1. Sorry, I misinterpreted your comment and got carried away… Shame on me.But, on the other hand, at least the comments section is turning into something more prolific. Thanks for your inputs + patience.

  2. Atum!!! Ainda na semana passada fui almoçar com a mana e falámos de ti! Quanto ao Enes, é muito feio andares a espalhar boatos – ainda por cima a minha mãe lê o meu blog e é capaz de te levar a sério.Comigo está tudo bem, mas prefiro responder-te por mail com mais detalhes…

  3. Jacquet: yes, and so what?Stereotyping is part of our biological need to organize information, aka: put things in boxes. Reality is complex, too complex for us to apprehend it as a whole. So it's not only organization, it's also decomplexification. Which means impoverishment of our view of reality, yes, because details and idiosyncrasies tend to get lost in the process. But, hey! We're only human… And I'd rather realize that and work on the tools I already have to try to improve them then let myself fall into some utopian belief that someday I'll be free from the constraints that (also) got us where we are.Stereotypes are mere tools. It's the content we fill them with that can be correct or incorrect and the actions we take based upon them that might be good or bad. So… the real problem arises when we fail to revise those stereotypes / preconceptions, letting them become falser and falser… and when we invoke stereotypes to hurt other people. But that's a moral issue, already.Walter Lippman's book Public Opinion is a seminal read on the subject. (Unfortunately, I have had the ebook since long – it's public domain – but didn't get to read it as yet, or I would advance some more detail).

  4. Com calma Wiki, já vi que não tiveste melhoras…pensei que estavas em tratamento depois de teres deixado o Enes mas pelo que vejo a culpa é capaz de não ser dele…… =)tas bem?

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