The invisible hands of a few

One of these nights I watched the Inside Job and I found myself wishing something for the first time in a long time: market regulation. Yes, Neil, we need “Middle-Class Heroes”* more than ever. But what do those people in the government have to do with that? They’re some of the few who’re benefiting from this crisis most of us are paying for. And on top of that, I’m supposed to give them my vote (approving of the system)?

* I’m aware that the song by The Divine Comedy aka Neil Hannon says nothing related to the subject debated here. But I can’t help the feeling that the middle-class is an endangered species in a world where economic power is increasingly concentrated in a few people. And since democracy isn’t working the way it should, I guess yes, we need some heroes with special super hyper powers. So I’ll just stick to the title of the song (and to the irony implied, of course).


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