Why I joined Google+


But never created a personal profile on Facebook.

I don’t mind going against the flow. Actually, I kinda take pride on it… Someone asks me: “are you on Facebook?” and I go “no” and finish with a smile. But, paraphrasing dear Neil, “I must break free from that part of me that values the art over the humanity” (or at least live trying).

I quit Messenger, use Skype for work only and not everyone is on Gmail’s chat. So now what? With a full-time job and a masters keeping me busy I can’t really hang out that much in real life which makes me rethink the way I’m managing my virtual one.

OK… I’ll join a social network. Grrr.


I don’t want to receive “friend” requests from creepy guys whom I’ve never met (or want to meet) or people in general who claim to keep +500 friends. Sorry, I meant “friends”.

I don’t want to share the same things with everyone – or for that matter, having friends sharing with me stuff that only stimulates their stamp collecting club buddies.

I don’t care about hollow follows. I want to engage in meaningful exchanges with people who might actually be interested in what I’m sharing. And vice-versa.

So… SORRY FACEBOOK but you’re not my type.

And since I’m already a major Google fan (though a little creeped by their Big Brotherish approach), Google+ brings the advantage of service integration. Just imagine Google + Gmail + Docs + Youtube + Blogger + Calendar + Analytics + Scholar + etc. all integrated in one platform. And instead of a shattered identity, you have one login and one profile. But you only show what you want to whom you wish to. You share Google Docs with your colleagues circle, a road trip plan with your Close Friends circle, personal photos with your family circle and blog updates with everyone. A bit like in real life, uh?

Yes, I’ve changed my mind – but I don’t want to change who I am.


Are you anti-monologue?

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