And the Best Definition of Jesus award goes to…

“My mom only lied to me about one thing. She said there was a God. But that’s because when you’re a working class mom Jesus is like an unpaid babysitter.”

Ricky Gervais

But wait, there’s more…


14 thoughts on “And the Best Definition of Jesus award goes to…

      • Religion is actually the easier subject to work with if you have lack of belief, primarily because it’s so easy to poke holes in it (I’ve got 2 ready to go in draft myself). The irony is that if he were back in England it would hardly come up as a topic of discussion, as being atheism is almost the norm, but its quite an issue in the USA and hard for people to wrap their heads around an unbeliever.

        • Yes, I do love Americans, but some things in that respect leave me perplexed, like questioning if evolution should be taught in schools and equating the scientific discourse with the religious one: “they’re both valid theories”, is one of the several comments that make me go “WHAT??”.

          • I was sat at lunch with a group of americans the other day, and when I mentioned the earth was 4.5 billion years old (forgot the subject) they all laughed. You see it’s really 5-6 thousand years old. Doh. I forgot I’d stepped into the Twilight Zone.

          • Eheh. Ironically, we’re talking about a country with a great scientific (and academic) community, with some of the best and best-known science journals and some of the best pop science writers…

          • Another bad American tradition. I feel lucky to have been born in Europe on that respect. I do envy them for some of their teachers (like Robert Sapolsky), but I don’t envy their student debt. I mean, getting out of college jobless, “home-less” and already with a debt of tens of thousands of dollars??

            The growing offer of online universities and courses also seems to point in the direction of a new divide: those who can’t afford brick schools taking their courses online while some traditional universities close and those that don’t become increasingly elitist.

            I do hope we come to some sort of compromise.

  1. Thanks, though it’s more awesome quoting of Ricky Gervais 😉
    I’ll definitely check it out – anyone who writes a post reviewing a funeral media coverage deserves to be read!

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