How Julia stopped believing in God

In her solo show Letting go of God, Julia Sweeney tells us how the visit of two Mormon missionaries led her to the path that would eventually turn her into a non-believer. She tells her story with the freshness of a child, juggling expressions of amazement, shock and mockery that just draw you in. And she has the same kind of fresh and insatiable curiosity, untamed by age, that allowed her to drastically change her belief systems past the age of forty. (Wow, that’s courage; or one of those middle life crises…) On the other hand, she’s far from being naive and she tells this most insightful story that begins with the tales from the Bible and finishes with biology, Charles Darwin and synapses. Is that enough to hook you up?

So now, without further delay, let me present to you… Julia Sweeney! (Time to press that button)


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