You know something’s broken in you

When you see the sun shining outside and your first thought is:


Great! Let me do the laundry quickly so I can hang it to dry outside.

I used to take the sunshine for granted when I lived in Lisbon. But this? This is worse. London, what have you done to me??

Together, alone

“Como es posible que haya estado en tus infiernos
Es imposible, no, misterio, y quien tuviera su don
Sería posible conocerte más por dentro
No lo conseguiré, saber más de ti”

“Club de Fans de John Boy”, Love of Lesbian

I wouldn’t dare to expect anyone to know me better than my favourite singer-songwriters.

Alone together

Some people will come (and surprise you).
Some people will go (before you’re ready).
Some people will linger (…).

At last count there were approximately 7 046 billion humans in the world.

(Unless you find your way to an inhabited planet with a welcoming atmosphere) you will never be alone.

PS: cherish the ellipsis. You never know how long it lasts…