Quotable lyrics: Sondre Lerche

“Everybody wants to be like you
But I’d rather fall in love with you”

‘Counter Spark’, Sondre Lerche


The never-ending quest

At first, I imagined I would find answers in literature. That music would help me transcend to a state of heightened comprehension. Later I resorted to science. Surely the scientific method would grant me some answers. All I could find were more questions. All questions multiplied, amplified, unanswerable with any definitiveness.

I keep pushing the rock so that it will roll down again to its starting point. If only the rock would crush my existence into the ground!

I want to be one with the ground. No more electric and chemical activity in my brain. Just dust. From dust to dust. Simple – like nothing really is.

I like to close my eyes

and pretend.


I’d like to lodge a complaint
With the relevant authority
With each other’s where we ought to be, Cathy

I’m gonna write to the Times,
Sign it: desperate of Dolphin’s Barn
Shouldn’t we be in each other’s arms, Cathy?

Cathy, it’s at times like these I wish I wrote like you,
You seem to bend your words to suit your needs,
You melt my heart with your imagery, but I don’t know
How to say it better, than darling since I met you
I haven’t been the same

And I don’t know, all the whys and wherefores
But you’re the one I care for and that will never change… Cathy

Oh to be with you tonight, smoke a j and drink a g and t,
Do whatever’s coming naturally, Cathy

Turn the sheets into sails
Turn the bed into a golden ship
Floating slowly down the Mississippi, Cathy

Cathy can you help me please, you put these things more poetically than me
I’ve sang of how love feels but it’s much harder when it’s all real
And I don’t know
How to make it clearer, than honey when I’m near you
It’s like I’m in a dream
And I don’t know if held in stormy weather
But just to be together is good enough for me,Cathy

Neil Hannon & Rodrigo Leão